by Chris Flury

Why? It’s such a small word, yet so vitally important to your success on this journey as well as everything else in your life.

Without a deeply rooted and personal value of “why” you are doing this journey, most people will not make it past the first week let alone 30 days or more. Then you need to find something that will be a constant reminder for you to stay the course. Especially for when things get tough!!

If you have a potentially inherent medical condition that could eventually affect your future lifestyle, why not be proactive instead of reactive? Having something to remind you of this potential negative outcome can be helpful for you to stay focused.

Has the doctor given you a diagnosis that has a potentially negative outcome unless you get healthy? Has the doctor given you something that you can put up on your bathroom mirror that will be a daily reminder of “why” you need to get started and stay committed.

Are you a person that seems to be constantly getting sick with some sort of ailment? Maybe having an old photo of yourself when you were consistently healthy on the refrigerator can help you stay focused every time you open that door. It can be a reminder to grab something healthy or get a good workout in that day.

How many times have you woken up on Monday morning feeling like crap, tired and un-motivated from poor choices all weekend? Or maybe that is how you feel all the time? Finding and having something or someone to keep you on track is beneficial to your success. Being creative is a good mental exercise that helps solidify your commitment to your journey to achieve better health and wellness.

I have never heard of anyone on their deathbed state that they wished they had spent more time at the office. Or that they wished they were more “unhealthy” sooner in their lives so that they would have died sooner. When reading these two statements, they seem pretty ridiculous. Yet this is a more common occurrence than not. Let’s face it, I believe we would ALL like to live longer, better lives. Why not you? What will it take for you to make that change and get started on the “better” path to productive longevity? Find something that motivates you for this and keep it in front of you daily. Post pictures of your kids, grandchildren, pets – something, anything – that you want to live for and get it in front of you daily.

How many of you are on medications and have constant doctor visits? You can change this in almost all cases with better diet and exercise. This is being proven on a regular basis, and yet so many make excuses and put it off until it is too late. Maybe take all your empty medication bottles and make a pyramid out of them with a card at the top saying HEALTHY. Let it be a reminder that as you climb your pyramid towards better health, the medications will become less and less to the point of none!!

I have never said this process to achieve health and wellness is going to be easy. But I will say that it is totally worth it!! Defining your why will take the sting out of the journey. Find your WHY and get moving today.

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