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Hello, and welcome to your best source of information for all aspects of total health and wellness.

After years of robo-gyms, trial and error, many diets and a whole lot of frustration, I realized that my health and wellness is more of a lifestyle than a short-time fix. As I went through my journey to get healthy and back into shape, I realized that the fitness industry had a whole lot of holes.  –  especially when it comes to providing a complete source of information for a holistic approach to individual health and wellness. Starting my journey at 5’10” and 255 lbs, I had a lot of work ahead of me. Over a period of eight years, I learned an incredible amount of lessons. The end result is a life with more energy, functional fitness, balanced diet and lifestyle, happiness, and at 187 lbs, feeling and looking like I did back in college. This created a new desire to help as many people as possible.

MASTERSCARE.COM evolved from all the lessons, frustrations, research and physical hands on experience accumulated over that journey. There is one thing, and in my opinion quite possibly the most important thing, that I learned – this is a never ending and ongoing journey. Because our bodies, health, lifestyles, careers, and focuses are all constantly changing, so is the information necessary for us to continue achieving and maintaining our health and wellness. This program is designed to provide ongoing information necessary for ALL to achieve their personal goals, from all the different categories of Health and Wellness. While our target audience is Masters (anyone and everyone over the age of 30), it also includes all ages given the fact that one day everyone will become a Master. Starting the younger generation off with the correct information to build a solid foundation and virtuous habits is the best gift we can provide them.

I am confident you will enjoy the information in this program and will achieve your goals and dreams by following the wealth of knowledge being shared by many experts along the way. I am also grateful you have chosen to join us in this adventure…we don’t take it lightly. It is your future. We believe strongly that our tagline says it all, “Age makes a difference…Not excuses!”

Welcome to your complete Health and Wellness journey!

– Chris Flury, Founder

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MASTERSCARE.COM is a current and ongoing program and information is constantly being updated. If you have a question or suggestion for a relevant topic to explore, contact us.

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