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by Chris Flury

I was recently asked to put together information that I have found useful in helping people getting started on their journey towards better health and wellness. What transpired over the last few weeks is a compilation of categories that I have found pertinent to helping EVERYONE achieve better health and wellness. For the sake of the average human being’s attention span (mine included), as well as best possible teaching tactics, I have put together a series of small articles that will be released regularly over the next several months. These articles are interconnected for the purpose of painting a final picture of improved health and wellness for anyone following along.

Step 1: Getting Started!

One of the best ways to start anything, especially if it’s something new, is to start off small. Keep your initial efforts in context with eating an elephant; “one bite at a time,” not the whole thing at once! It is very common to go overboard with a new venture only to “burn out” both mentally as well as physically. By starting small, and working our way up, it will give both our minds, as well as body, time to adjust to the change. This can be in the form of both the number of days a week we are going to exercise as well as the amount of time each day we are going to workout. It also includes the change we may need to make in our diet. By selecting foods we need to change and making those changes on a daily basis we can prepare our bodies to reduce the cravings. We will talk more about these two adjustments in more detail in the coming articles.

Being consistent with the “schedule” or dietary changes is crucial to your success. Finding something to help you stay focused is vital to being consistent. Using photos of what you would like to look like, or sayings and quotes the remind you of what and why you are doing this will help keep you on task. We’ll talk more about this in several of the upcoming articles.

The result of following these suggestions is creating new habits. Doing anything for a 30-day period will increase the odds of that action becoming a new habit. What we are training ourselves to do is exchange or trade our old bad habits for new healthier and productive habits. Once an action becomes a habit, you have increased your odds of becoming successful achieving your goal in that area.

I will close this “getting started” article with a final suggestion: GET STARTED!! Take that first step. Make that first decision. Commit to yourself you are going to do “something” today that will start moving yourself towards your goal of better health and wellness. I will see you back here next week with the next article moving you towards your better self: Determining Why You Want To, and Your Will To Do This Journey!

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