by Chris Flury

There is no doubt in my mind that as a society we are all busy people. I have also noticed that the older we get, the faster time seems to go. Are you with me?

It stands to reason if we are going to start the task of getting our health and wellness on track something is going to have to give. I think that a lot of us would agree that we could probably be a little more productive and effective with our time. For me, I just needed to sit down and take a few minutes to map out what I actually spend my time doing. I have found that “time” seems to be the largest factor in people making the decision to “invest” in their personal health and wellness. It’s not that we don’t “have” the time, but more that we don’t “make” the time.

Maybe we give up a little TV time, or reading the paper (not always good positive news there anyway!). How about other extracurricular activities that are not helping our overall well-being? Whatever it may be for you, find what you can give up for the sake of your health and wellness. It can even start with just 30 minutes a day.

How much sleep are you getting? If it meant the difference of 30-60 minutes less a day in exchange for feeling better and actually getting better sleep because you are adding a physical activity to your day, would you give it up?

How about giving up the processed foods, sugar, soda, etc. in exchange for fruits, vegetables, nuts and other healthy foods that will give your body what it needs to survive and even thrive at a higher level? Too many of us use food as a comfort, reward or justification instead of what it really is…a necessity! Am I being too brutal? I am, and I would apologize except I won’t apologize for the truth no matter how much it stings. We (me included) need to be more accountable to ourselves for what we put in our bodies. If you put garbage information into a computer you will get garbage back out. The same holds true with our bodies. “Garbage In, Garbage Out!!” Let’s start giving up the garbage.

What if we were to start associating with a group of people that were also committed to better health and wellness? A very successful mentor of mine told me once, “show me the five people you spend the most amount of your time with and I will show you what you and your life will look like.” Whether it’s your income, lifestyle, health, or overall physical fitness, this remains true for us all. I’m not saying you have to give up all your friends. Maybe just start adding in some that are moving in the direction that you would like to be. It’s amazing how much our focus and attitude increases when we make this change.

How many of us know that we have some bad habits that we could definitely give up in exchange for a little more time with better health and wellness?

The choices are yours and either way the end result will tell the final story. It will be great to finish your story knowing that you did EVERYTHING possible to give yourself the absolute best chance of a great, productive, healthy and fulfilled life.

Healthy Food

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