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We strive to bring you the latest information and resources from well-being providers, doctors, trainers, and competitors. We'll feature new products and links to help you reach your health and fitness goals, no matter where you're starting from or what they are.

As a "Master," you have come to know your body and mind well. Programs and products mentioned are not necessarily endorsed and there may be other similar ones that work better for different individuals. Information and links featured here are meant to motivate you personally and be integrated into your custom training program and lifestyle. – Chris Flury, MASTERSCARE.COM Founder


What are your fitness goals? How you can get in the right mindset to reach them, no matter where you are in your training.


Take care of yourself to be able to reach your fitness goals. It's essential to listen to your body for your own health, and physical and mental wellness. 


Good nutrition isn't complicated. Eating right for your body and to meet your goals is just one part of your plan, but could be the most important one.


Getting your body ready for a workout and recovery is critical as a Master to avoid injury and sustain your health.


How to train so recovery is quick, and what to do if you're injured.


Get real-life advice from experienced Master Champions on overcoming some common hurdles while training and competing.


Article here about basic rolling/stretching, types of stretches, when to/not to stretch, and when to/not to roll.

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