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What is your reason for getting fit? Are you looking for a place to work out and lose some weight? Are you wanting to get into shape, or stay in shape? Are you a competitor? Casual, Intermediate or Intense? Are you wanting a place to workout that has a community feeling? Are you looking to rebound from an injury? Each one of these reasons, and any other you may have, has its own “Mindset." Determining and then understanding the proper Mindset behind your reason is key and crucial to a successful and enjoyable venture into the world of fitness.


Having an improper Mindset can lead to injury, discouragement, frustration, depression or just a flat out negative attitude. All of this can lead you away from the reason you started your health and fitness journey, and in turn possibly cause you to quit before you ever achieve your reason. The more your Mindset can stay focused the more apt you are to have positive progress. Making a goal as part of your reason is the best place to start. Then making a plan with achievable and measurable steps will help ensure a positive, fulfilling experience.

With the help of, you will learn even more about how to "hear" the difference between your Mindset telling you to keep pushing through and your body telling you to back off. Even while recovering from an injury, you can still do many things to keep your body active and your Mindset going!

You will learn good time management tips to keep you working toward your goals, and even ideas for staying healthy and fit while traveling. If you're a serious competitor, we can help you overcome mental obstacles while training and competing. Most of all, a good Mindset is required for anything and everything you do daily!

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