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by Chris Flury

I was recently asked to put together information that I have found useful in helping people getting started on their journey towards better health and wellness. What transpired over the last few weeks is a compilation of categories that I have found pertinent to helping EVERYONE achieve better health and wellness. For the sake of the average human being’s attention span (mine included), as well as best possible teaching tactics, I have put together a series of small articles that will be released regularly over the next several months. These articles are interconnected for the purpose of painting a final picture of improved health and wellness for anyone following along.

Step 2: What Do You Want to Accomplish & Achieve?

The next step in obtaining better health and wellness is determining your “Why.” There are several areas I have found that people make a decision to get healthier. Below are just a few reasons that are the most popular. You may even have one of your own not on this list. Either way, you need to find and focus on the one that will not just get you started, but will keep you motivated along the journey.

Losing weight is typically the most popular reason for getting in shape. Losing weight has a two-sided approach: exercise and diet. One without the other can be ineffective and mentally counterproductive. Making adjustments to our lifestyle by altering our diet as well as increasing our physical activities is the most effective way to increase our health and wellness. I recommend for everyone getting started to do a consultation with both a nutritionist (one that is physically active themselves), and a coach or trainer in the discipline or activity you are looking at participating in. Between the two, come up with a game plan that will not only help you get started but also help you stay on track as you progress. This plan should include adjustments in both areas to accommodate your new body weight, shape and increased physical abilities.

Increasing your stamina may be your reason why. You may want the ability to be more productive during the day and doing more than you have in the past. As we age, the tendency for a majority of people is to use the excuse that we just can’t do as much as we used to. While this may have some validity, the mindset of kicking back in a rocking chair and slowing down is the result of watching toomuch media promoting a sedentary life as we age. The more we move, the more we increase our odds of productive longevity.

Maybe you have a health issue that requires you to get more active in order to overcome the issue. The body is meant to heal itself if given the proper tools to do so. No matter what the health issue may be, internal or external, becoming more active with the proper activity and professional assistance for oversight and monitoring will lead to overall better health and wellness. Keep in mind, once you have corrected whatever health issue you may have, build a plan to continue being active to increase your lifestyle and longevity, as well as possibly prevent further health issues.

Do you just want to feel better and live longer? It is a proven fact that active people are more apt to live longer, more fulfilled lives in general. I’m sure all of us have activities we have not done in some time that when we do them again, our bodies “talk” to us with soreness, tightness or other discomfort. Having a plan to progress in our activities in a way that will minimize pain insures that we will stick with the activity longer. However, don’t be afraid of a little discomfort as you enter the journey. It’s your body’s way of giving you feedback as to what is working or not. As time progresses you will feel better both physically and mentally.

One last why may be increasing your mobility. Our bodies were meant to move, not sit around. If that weren’t the case then we wouldn’t have joints! Having a plan for activity to keep your body moving on a regular basis increases your overall health and wellness. It can reduce pain and inflammation, increase your energy and flexibility, and so much more. So get your body up and get moving!


Remember the ten most important two-letter words combined in one sentence: If It Is To Be, It Is Up to ME!!

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