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For those of you who compete or interested in training for competitions, we can help you get ready with insights such as:

  • Basic understanding of the CrossFit® (CF) movements, each one commonly seen as well as common modifications specifically for Masters athletes

  • Risk reward for CF specific movements and can we reserve movements for competition? For example, handstand push-ups for Masters athletes – should we program dumbbell or kettle bell presses and save handstand push-ups for competition?

  • Basic strength templates for movements that will give us the biggest bang for our buck:

    • Squats

    • Deads

    • Presses

    • Carries

    • Sled pushes


  • Common mobility issues for each movement and understanding why we are doing steps the basic understanding of CF movements and basic strength templates


  • Dive into better understanding of physiology of humans and why certain mobility tricks may be more beneficial than others


  • Training volume for Masters athletes


  • Optional training such as blood flow restriction, eccentrics, dead hangs on the bar and how they can be useful


  • Importance of having a training partner and community for Masters athletes


  • Recovery and post WOD (workout of the day) strategies we can implement that have be proven effective


  • Participating in sports outside of CF


…and more! As with all the different programs we offer, this one will always be expanding and growing.

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