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I grew up competitive swimming for 15 years and playing water polo for 10 years. I made it as high as 16th at AAU Nationals, and 6th at NAIA Nationals swimming the backstroke. I have always been a competitive person, but after college, ‘life’ took over and I slipped away from athletics.

In 2005, I weighed 255 lbs and decided it was time to get the weight off and start getting back into shape. By 2010, using several gyms, trainers, swimming, cycling classes and diet and I got down to 220 lbs. It was at that time our spinning instructor invited Lisa and I to check out her and her husband’s new CrossFit® box they were starting. After one workout, I was hooked. Over the past 7 years, I was able to continue dropping weight and getting in the best shape of my life since college. I now average around 187 lbs and feel great.

Being the competitive person I am, I started entering CrossFit® competitions. Over the last seven years, I have placed:

  • 2013 Bend Winter Games – 2nd place Masters

  • 2014 Gorilla Takeover – 1st place Masters

  • 2014-15 Crossfit Games World Qualifier – Masters 50-54

  • 2015 Gorilla Takeover – 3rd place Masters

  • 2015 Masters of the Universe – 1st place Masters Team

  • 2016-17 Crossfit Games World Qualifier Masters 55-59

  • 2016 Crossfit Games – 4th place Masters 55-59

  • 2016 Granite Games – 1st place Masters 55+

  • 2017 Crossfit Games – 7th place Masters 55-59

  • 2017 Granite Games – 1st place Masters 55+

  • 2018 CrossFit Ft. Vancouver Championship – 1st place Masters 55+

I now enjoy helping as many others accomplish whatever health and wellness goals and dreams they want to achieve. With MastersCare as your online resource, I believe that anything is possible, and ‘Age Makes a Difference…Not Excuses!’”

Chris recently completed the Crossfit(R) training course as a Masters Trainer.


Founder Chris Flury graduated from Portland (Oregon) State University with a BS in Urban Planning, BS Geography and Communications minor. He is married to Lisa Flury, and enjoys spending time with his daughter Faith, son Jacob, his wife Jessica and granddaughter Hunter Rose.

Over a 30-year period, he has owned and operated several construction companies simultaneously as well as a wholesale/retail pasta company. He is currently down to one general contracting company, which leaves him a bit more time for training, competition and Chris and Lisa have also owned a networking/motivational speaking business for the past 20 years.


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